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The NYSC Director of Corps Welfare and Health Services, Mr. Benjamin Folorunso Ayo-Omotade has told corps members that they have roles to play in nation building as well as responsibilities towards the country and her citizens.


Ayo-Omotade made the statement while he addressed the 2023 Batch ‘C’ (Stream II) corps members at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikare-Akoko.

According to the Chairman, NYSC Director General think-tank, corps members who have been mobilised and deployed to various states of the federation should not sit on the fence but join the progressive train to rescue the country from the doldrums.

“The founding fathers of this noble Scheme made conscious efforts that prevented the country from breaking and it is now your turn to work harmoniously with your colleagues in the national service to ensure that the labour of our heroes past does not go in vain and I want to assure you that if you give your best, your services to the nation will not go unrewarded”.

“I want to tell you now that the choices you make today will to a large extent determine the height you will attain in life and I want you to be fulfilled at the end of the service year hence my admonition to you to take responsible choices. However, if your choices are not in tandem with the expectations of the society, be ready to face the consequences of your actions or inactions”.

He said that if they must get to the top they crave for themselves, they must be dedicated, discipline and hardworking.

“My dear children, if you desire to get to the top, you must constantly and consistently focus on your goals. Do not engage in any act or activities that will jeopardise your future. You can contribute to nation-building through the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) programme which majority of you think we forced you to embrace but I want to tell you that majority of your predecessors who keyed into the programme when it was established 11 years ago have become a force to reckon with economically”.

“Your education is a gateway for you to make it big in this challenging economy which is not limited or peculiar to Nigeria or Africa but globally. Use your hands and intellect to carve a niche for yourself and let the world celebrate your achievements during and after the service year. Your education will open doors for you in high places if you dare to be different in showcasing your skills. Let education reflect in your packaging and network with your friend and colleague to avail you with creative graphics and design that will stand your products or services out in the midst of others” he said.

The one-time State Coordinator in Delta State advised the members of the service corps not to leverage on the wealth of their parents but struggle to survive as whatever they achieve through their sweats will catapult them to greatness.

“Gentlemen Corps Members, I am not against you spending or investing the family wealth but what I am saying in essence is that the wealth of your parents is not entirely yours even though you will have part of it as your inheritance but the money you do not work for will not be well managed because it is a free will donation or gift from family inheritance while the one you invested massively in with your personal resources and commitment in a disciplined manner will profit you the more”.

Ayo-Omotade who has served in various committees and held sensitive positions which included Head of Administration to a former Director General said that the corps members should strive hard and build a career that will take them to greater heights through hard work, commitment and selfless service.

“By the grace of God, I am enjoying the seed I planted while building my career over three decades of working with the National Youth Service Corps. Even though, I belong to the old school, I am enjoying the contemporary benefits of God and I want to admonish you to work now and party later so that the theme of the orientation course which is ‘Merriment and Thanksgiving’ will have meaning in its context of usage”.

The Director, who facilitated the completion and commissioning of the abandoned Camp Clinic expansion at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Wailo, Bauchi State when he was in charge at North East Area Office appreciated the State Coordinator for the warm reception accorded him.

“The State Coordinator, my sister and colleague, Mrs. Victorious Victoria Ani, I am humbled by the reception and hospitality accorded me. Honestly, I am not surprised because you are noted for excellence considering your background but what endears me most is the synergy between NYSC and the collaborating agencies which has rubbed positively on the corps members. I am impressed with the discipline displayed by both camp officials and corps members, and I can only encourage you to keep up with the tempo because we know your capabilities”.

The ‘Gentle Dove’ as he is known in NYSC parlance congratulated the State Coordinator and the entire NYSC family in Ondo State for gifting the Scheme the best Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) Studio in the Sunshine State, describing it as the best nationwide.

“I have traversed all the camps in the 36 states and FCT, and with respect to the administrators of these camps nationwide, I can boldly say that the one storey Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) Studio remain the best. The materials used were quality while the structure is indeed standard. Mrs. Ani has proved to the world that charity begins at home and she has invested massively in her primary constituency. Other State Coordinators should emulate her giant strides. Congratulations for implementing one of the policy thrusts of the Director General which is to pursue a technologically driven organisation to deepen effective service delivery”.

He charged the State Coordinator to ensure that the OBS Studio is put to maximum use in order to serve as training ground for those who want to choose a career in mass communication and marketing promotion.

“I want to charge you to put this edifice to maximum use. Let it serve as training ground for corps members who are willing to choose a career in communication or allied courses. Network with radio and television stations in the state to assist you with modern and functional equipments and gadgets. Best of luck as you take this step” he concluded.

The State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani who was elated to have one of the cerebral and highly disciplined top management staff of the laudable Scheme at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp in Ikare-Akoko said the visit will serve as morale booster not only for corps members but camp officials as well.

The State Coordinator charged the members of the service corps to take advantage of the visit of the Director to toe a path of hard work which will take them to the promised land if they are willing to abide by all the special guest told them.

The corps members under the auspices of the Cultural Troupe entertained the ‘Gentle Dove’ who in his characteristic manner put smiles on their faces with the donation of a big cow asides the three Corps Camp Directors, Quarter Guard, Man ‘O’ War Corps Team, NYSC Parade Band, Overall Parade Commander and Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) Crew which he handsomely rewarded for working with the camp management to ensure a seamless orientation course programme.

Bankole Simeon (Mr.)
Public Relations Officer

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