Seasoned Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has expressed her frustration and annoyance towards individuals who persistently inquire about her plans to have a second child


During an interview in Lagos, the box office actress said that people often seem to overlook her struggles and instead assume that she is pregnant again for her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi.


She claimed it has been traumatising for her to answer queries about when she would give her kid a sibling.


Toyin Ajeyemi disclosed that her physician was waiting for her at the premiere just in case she might need swift medical attention.


The actress advised internet users to cease poking around and asking individuals personal questions like when they were going to get married, become pregnant, or have a kid.


Toyin further noted how people assumed she was pregnant weeks ago without caring if she was on fertility drugs or journey.


She said: “More than traumatic. People ask me when I am giving birth. I have a son and God gave me a daughter (from her husband’s previous relationship). I have a son and a daughter yet people ask me when I will give birth to another. Telling me that Ire, my son is already old enough for a sibling. I would smile and tell them very soon and they would tell me don’t say very soon. They don’t even know what I am battling with. Even on my premiere day, my doctor was there, he had to be on standby for me.


Don’t ask questions, a few weeks ago people thought I was pregnant because I had a tummy, you don’t even know what was wrong with me. You don’t even know if I am on fertility drugs or a fertility journey, so stop telling people when are you going to be a mother.”

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