The Coalition of Registered Political Parities (CRPP) in Edo State has endorsed the gubernatorial aspiration of Senator Monday Okpebholo(aka Akpakomiza), representing Edo Central Senatorial District.

At the conclusion of its quarterly meeting CRPP resolved to support Senator Okpebholo.


In a statement the Chairman of the CRPP in Edo State, Samson Isibor, enthused that “members of the group highlighted the various qualities of the Senator who is an aspirant of the All Progresaives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State.


They described him as an astitute personality, very resourceful, easily accessible and a great philanthropist, whose desire always is to empower the less privileged in the society.


“He built and renovated many schools and rehabilitated many roads. We found him worthy of CRPP award last year for his people oriented welfare projects.


“We are therefore appealing to his party, APC, leadership to consider giving free hand to the delegates to elect Senator Okpebholo to fly the governorship flag of APC as the man who can confront and defeat the outgoing Governor Obaseki ‘godson’ Asue ighodalo who is unknown to Edo people.


“We condemn the outgoing Governor for using all available means to impose Asue Ighodalo on his party, the PDP. Edo people have rejected ‘godfatherism’ in the state. Never again are we going to allow any person to foister unknown technocrat on us again.


“Once beaten twice shy. Obaseki was an unknown technocrat foisted on us by Oshiomhole. Obaseki performed woefully, Edo people are lamenting the situation we found ourselves. There is a saying that the rear horse measure its speed with the speed of the front horse.


“We believe that Asue Ighodalo will not perform just like his ‘godfather’ Obaseki. Senator Okpebholo is a young vibrant man, untainted and forthright personality. There should be no cutting across the corner by any group of people to circumvent the wishes of the people.


“Enough of recycling of over saturated politicians whose aims are to siphon our state patrimony to themselves and their families at the expense of the poor masses of Edo State just as we are witnessing today.


“The Senator will turn Edo State economy around for the betterment of the people. The little time Senator Okpebholo have spent in the green chamber at Abuja, he has contributed immensely to the upliftment of his people in the rural areas.”

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