The Ondo PDP Crusader Group, within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has issued a call for a solemn assembly as the party gear up for the upcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

The group, comprising members from all 18 local governments, lamented on the way the affairs of the party is been handled by the highest organ of the party. However, the group seeks to foster unity and strategize for a successful electoral campaign.

Amidst the preparations, the Ondo PDP Crusaders are committed to addressing internal challenges within the state working committee, with the goal of putting to rest any existing crisis. The group recognizes the significance of a cohesive and strong party structure in achieving success at the polls.

Coordinator for the Ondo PDP Crusader Group, Deacon Hon. Mayokun Akinmoladun, stated, “Our call for a solemn assembly reflects our commitment to a united front as we prepare for the next gubernatorial election. We believe that by addressing internal issues and fostering unity, we can present a formidable force that resonates with the electorate.

He said “Ondo State PDP at present needs a dynamic and agile leadership that should be ready at all time to pilot the affairs of the party without being biased in decision making for the progress of PDP in Ondo State.

Ondo State is in a state of decrepit and fallen into an abyss of decadence as the government of the state is in the hands of political opportunists and jobbers who are milking on our God given resources. The prices of goods are at an alarming rate on daily basis and no functional infrastructures in the state. These and many more have made the people of the state to call on opposing party to kick out the ruling party from government.

This is the time where rifts among party leaders should be brought down, it a time where the shenanigans of the ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC), should be exposed and stopped, it a time where the party should be concluding internally through consensus who to flag the party ticket in the next governorship election. The crisis at the state working committee should have been laid to rest if the leadership of the party at the state level have lived up to expectations.”

Ondo Peoples Democratic Party had suffered a lot of electoral loss in the state as a result of disunity, egoism and self centeredness among party leaders, at the detriment of party followers and the generality of Ondo State citizens.

In the meantime, the group emphasizes that the membership spans across the entire state, demonstrating a broad-based support network that is essential for a successful electoral campaign. The Ondo PDP Crusaders are keen on ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of the people are adequately represented in the upcoming political landscape.

The group hereby urge the party national working committee, His Excellency, Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency, Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State and other critical stakeholders in south west for timely intervention with a view to settling all crisis in Ondo State PDP.

In the spirit of solidarity, the Ondo PDP Crusader Group remains optimistic that their efforts will contribute to a strengthened Peoples Democratic Party in the state and pave the way for a successful gubernatorial election.

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