Programmes unit of Positive F.M can be likened to a kitchen where delicious meals are prepared for savoring…

Positive F.M, Akure has a unique edge in programming because we combine programs from our network services both (Southwest and National) and our well designed In-house programs in our day to day broadcast. This makes each day and time on our dial a worthwhile experience where you will be expose to top policy makers from time to time in interviews, Discussions,News,Talk shows, and so on Every quarter programs are designed for our teeming listeners which include Senior citizen of the society, youth and children alike, one of our popular jingles says…. ‘something for everyone.’

Programmes are divided into Morning, Afternoon and Evening belts of broadcast;
Highlights of our early morning belt are, the much anticipated A.m safari show -a phone- In program, where topical issues are debated,examined,critiqued and opinions stated, this is the meeting point of all senior citizens in the state and beyond, the program has led to the creation of a Fans Club where members meet from time to time.

This is closely followed by our first major News bulletin@6am, which has become a traditional first News bus stop of the day for members of the public because they are assured of unbiased News reportage, a hallmark of Positive F.M ; the icing on the cake comes up at 20mins after and it is the first Newspaper review program in the whole state,- Toletoko with the famous Baba onikeke and Baba Elesin a darling of both the young and old in the state and beyond.
The Legendary Network News takes its age long space at 7am. So it is from one captivating program and representation style to the other from the opening of the station onward. Other interesting programs on the morning belt include: Sports Cafe, Talking Point, Erukulala, PPA slots, Guest of the week among others.
Our Afternoon belt is also a mixture of Informative and enlightening Network programs and In- house programmes which include- The World Today, Zero To hero, Police Diary, Feminine Line, Jara, Amuludun, Wetin Eye See, Wetin Dey, Children story time, News@3pm, Network News @4pm and a host of others.
For Loads of entertainment our night belt is packed full of programmes to make you relax and put smiles on our listeners faces some so engaging you won’t want us to say goodnight no wonder our listerners sleep with us ….these include the award winning Heart to Heart programme others are Kini Show, Faaji Famia, Ogege, Omimi, Nigbaani, Country Hits, Reggae time, Every woman, Kontri Matter and so much more.
Over the years we have come to realize that whatever we do others just go ahead and copy, this gave birth to our popular jingle….We create…. others imitate.
So for the real, authentic, professional radio experience keep your dial locked permanently on Radio Nigeria Positive 102.5 F.M Akure.